Here we are … on the edge of FREEDOM. Feel free to do your best Braveheart impression. We’ll wait. The blue face paint and kilt are vital to getting into character. Ahhh … this feels good! Doors are opening all around us (literally and figuratively). And we’re making our entrance like Lady Gaga through a cloud of glitter on a zipline. Or … maybe not so much. Some of us are tiptoeing back in as if there’s a giant landshark behind the door.

It’s time for vacations beyond the backyard … a get together with more than just the neighbors in the driveway (sorry, Carl, it’s been real!) … airplanes … kids back in school (just in time for summer!) … maybe an open-air concert (maybe Gaga will want to see our impression?) … and … dun dun dun … the office. Yes, the office.

We’re here to tell you it’s time.